Drinking Water Solution for HOME

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ORG has multiple products that can be utilized for Drinking Purpose, especially for Home. ORG Water Purifier can sure be called a complete purifier as it removes all Physical, Chemical, and Biological impurities. Our Purifier also adds essential minerals which are generally removed by the R.O. plant during the purification process. In the present era, there has been a drastic change in eating habits and lifestyles of people. Nowadays, the consumption of acidic foods such as cold drinks, fast food, tea, and coffee has increased to a great extent. ORG gives alkaline water which helps to neutralize such acidic impurities. This system helps to customize the pH/alkalinity and concentration of minerals in water as per the needs of the consumer as such provision is provided in the machine itself. ORG brings the drinking solution keeping in the mind user's need and Indian culture ideology. It brings water purifier that treats varying water sources such as borewell/municipal or tanker water. We use world's best and latest technology for purifying water like Reverse Osmosis, Ultraviolet, Ultra Filtration, TODI, Bio-Ceramic, Anti Oxidant Alkaline and pH Balance.