WATER is life’s matter and matrix, mother and medium. There is no life without water. Water is the foundation of our life as we think about our personal lives. Water makes up more than half of our body weight and is the basic need of every human. As water is a most precious gift for us from mother earth however its physical, chemical, and biological properties have been deteriorated because of manmade and natural activities. Intake of such polluted water can cause significant health issues for humans.

This widespread problem of water pollution is jeopardizing our health. Meanwhile, our drinkable water sources are finite: less than 1% of the earth’s freshwater is accessible to us. This outlines that getting fresh and adequate water for our body has become strenuous and is adversely affecting human lives day by day.

ORG ENGITECH LTD is aptly involved with exploring, evolution, intriguing, and production of water purifying apparatus. It’s our assurance to provide the best products while keeping in mind the need of customers, the health of humans, and our Indian culture.

It is our best venture to provide a superlative product that ensures to provide safe as well as pure water to everyone at a pocket-friendly price.

14 years of experience in this field has given us the best knowledge and assurance of what our customer need to get access to pure water through our product with providing best service and maintenance of our apparatus because of which customer can have faith in us and will love using our products

As of now, we are well resourced with the best manufacturing provisions layout in 48,000 sq.ft area. 100 + employees and 1000 dealers for large-scale supplying which created a network all over India. We have our own 9 patent products also.

"Choose quality in purity with affordable price" this perfectly recognizes ORG products.



जल ही जीवन जल ही देवता जल प्राणों से प्यारा हे I
हर एक घर को मिले शुद्ध जल ORG का नारा है I
घर घर पहुंचे गंगा यमुना यही प्रयास हमारा हे I



"To Be a Role Model Organisation in our Industry"

  • Something innovative in Everything...
  • Products that offer Value for Money...
  • Learning is as a passion...
  • Quality is an Attitude...
  • Delighted customers are an Asset...
  • Teamwork makes the dreams work…..

  • Vision


    We believe we can improve people’s lives through business….
    Being busy in one or the other way is doing business. At ORG we do business in the right way, at the right time and with the right people.
    Time is free for all, but at ORG we value time. Thus we shall give our utmost to time, for the best returns to our suppliers, customers, employees and share holders.
    We will ensure that the growth of our company shall enrich all stakeholders who are attached with ORG.



    Our values are the DNA of our business, We Believe “ A Man,Machine,Intellectual Property and Knowledge can be Acquired, But a company must cultivate its own values”

    • Integrity
      We will do what we say, and we will build trust and confidence by being honest to ourselves, our colleagues, our partners and our customers.
    • Honour
      We manage our associates and our customers the way in which we would want to be managed
    • Steady Improvement
      We are dedicated to learning, development, innovation and achievement
    • Leadership
      We shall always act in an ethical, safe and in a social manner
    • Diversity and Inclusiveness
      We recognise and encourage values which can Bring about a difference and constructive changes
    • Integration
      We are stronger together and this comes from a shared vision , a common purpose, supportive and collaborative working.

    Our Achievements...

    ORG Trademark
    ORG Trademark
    Shara Trademark
    Shara Trademark
    Dicom Trademark
    Dicom Trademark
    Karllon Trademark
    Karllon Trademark
    Todi Trademark
    Todi Trademark
    Ionpot Trademark
    Ionpot Trademark
    Todi Ionizer Patent Design
    Todi Ionizer Patent Design
    Softner Mini Patent Design
    Softner Mini Patent Design
    ISO Certificate
    ISO Certificate

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