Water Softener

The water that nature gives us as rain is soft water. But when this soft water comes into contact with the soil, it adds minerals such as calcium and magnesium, which make the water hard. As you go deeper into the soil, the amount of water hardness increases. These two minerals in the water are calcium and magnesium which make water hard. If it is removed from the water, then the water becomes soft water. Water is very easy to soften using the ion-exchange resin. When Water comes into contact with resins, it removes ions like Calcium and Magnesium from water. This resin can be used for years by recharging it with salt solution from time to time. Soften the water, periodically backwash process, cleaning, and recharge of resins – this easy process make by one device which is known as ORG WATER SOFTENER. ORG brings water softener with the world's best & trusted ion-exchange technology. ORG softener is available with easy to operate design and stylish range from 500 lph bathroom softener to 50000 lph industrial softeners to satisfy the need of every customer. ORG also brings Softener Mini in very economic price and very easy operation and maintenance.  ORG Automatic and Manual Softener are incorporated with Best quality & patented Runxin Valves.